We are happy to have acquired a new agent to help us promote our innovative, environment-friendly Pronomar-Merus solution for green water treatment in Austria. Mr. Reinhard Zieserl, based in Graz, will introduce this fantastic solution to counteract heavy scaling to hotels, fitness centres, and apartment buildings as well as to industries. Mr. Zieserl has already ordered four Merus rings for home applications and he also went with us to Nova Park, a hotel in Graz we supplied with Merus rings about two years ago. Their technical manager told us that they were very satisfied with the results the Merus rings provide and told us they saved 2 steam pots per year, that the cleaning procedure at the hotel was a lot easier and instead of having to disassemble and clean the shower heads monthly it was now sufficient to do so only every 6 months. So all in all a great feedback and a great way of introducing Mr. Zieserl to our excellent Pronomar-Merus rings.

We look forward to working with Mr. Zieserl and to expanding our client base also in Austria.