We are happy to introduce the company AirTek AS as our new agent in Norway, with a special focus on the offshore oil & gas industry. AirTek AS will promote our innovative, established and environment-friendly Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems to their clients in Norway. AirTek AS already purchased two mobile demo dryers, consisting of drying systems for boots/shoes, gloves, jackets, trousers and overalls. With these they can present and explain the systems in detail or even leave the systems with their clients for a trial period to convince them of the quality we provide.

We trust AirTek’s customers will appreciate the many advantages and comfort our drying systems stand for. Made from high-quality, solid stainless steel they prolong the lifetime of the garments to be dried by two to three times, which equals a big saving in purchasing costs. Apart from this economic advantage the dryers also help to improve people’s health; studies focussing on occupational health showed that the use of drying systems considerably brings down sick leaves. People will feel better, be fitter and more motivated, which in turn has a positive effect on their productivity.

We look forward to working with AirTek and to delivering our dryers to their Norwegian clientele.

Picture: Kai Haldorsen (owner AirTek AS)