Pronomar are happy to have received a new order from Damen Shipyards for 2 vessels of Teso, the “Dokter Wagemaker” and the “Schulpengat”, 2 of a fleet of ferries travelling between Den Helder and Texel

On both of the vessels Pronomar-Merus rings were installed at the main water supply pipe and on the Schulpengat also a Pronomar-Merus ring at the cooling of the engines.

The MERUS rings are not only an innovative and totally environment-friendly solution for green water treatment but they are also very straight-forward in the way they work: once installed they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the boiler, pipes etc. free from scaling. By keeping the equipment free from scaling you automatically bring back the initial performance level and you also prolong the equipments lifetime which in return means a significant decrease in operational costs. The fact that the rings are maintenance-free which means saving in operational costs rounds off the advantages and practicality of that state-of-the-art product.

Pronomar are pleased about this new cooperation and trust the 2 vessels will travel free from any scale-trouble.