As of December 2014 Kevin van Setten started at Pronomar as Support Employee. He would like to introduce himself:

“Hi, I am Kevin van Setten, 26 years old and I’m excited to work for Pronomar! After 3,5 years working as a planner in a large homecare company in Rotterdam I had to change jobs. Through my network I got in touch with Pronomar, where I will be taking a part of the installation and support of the MERUS technology for my account. The coming time I want to get to know all ins and outs of the MERUS technology.

My expectations are that this will be a busy and challenging job with a lot of variety. In this function I will be working at the office, but I will also be pleased to come to your office to look over the possibilities that the MERUS technology can offer you.

Should you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Hopefully see you soon!”