During the Europort 2015 exhibition Pronomar will showcase a new type of drying cabinet. This cabinet is produced from robust GRP and carrying Lloyd’s Type Test Approval. This cabinet is produced in collaboration with new partner JoBird!

JoBird, based in the Somerset in the UK, is an international leader in the design of lifesaving storage equipment. Since 1986 JoBird has developed its products to meet the demands of a range of industries and environments.

The JoBird cabinet is equipped with the Pronomar drying systems. The drying cabinet can be placed either inside the vessel or on deck of the vessel. This is because they are produced from GRP: a robust material that will not corrode, weaken, or require any maintenance.

The drying cabinets are an excellent solution to dry your working gear in a fast and efficient way. Using the drying cabinets the lifespan of your work gear will be prolonged and you will increase the comfort for your employees. Furthermore, studies have shown that the amount of sick leaves will decrease when properly drying the staff’s PPE.

Pronomar is excited about this development and looking forward to further cooperation with JoBird.