After years of successful cooperation, Rivertech recently placed two new orders with Pronomar on account of the environment-friendly Pronomar-Merus rings for green water treatment, that was to be installed on board the cruise vessels AmaSonata and AmaReina.

On both vessels the following rings were installed:

1 x 2” HCI BIO ring at the hydrophore
1 x 1 ½ ” HCI BIO ring at the flow line boiler
1 x 1” IND ring at the return line boiler
2 x 1” IND ring at the warm & cold water feed line to the kitchen
1 x 2” IND ring at the jacuzzi

The MERUS rings are an innovative and fantastically simple (in the most positive meaning) solution: once installed they give emit oscillations that disturb the lime scale build up. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the boiler, pipes etc. free from scaling and bringing the pipes back to their initial diameter and performance. By keeping the equipment free from scaling the equipment’s lifetime is automatically prolonged which in return means a significant decrease in operational costs. The fact that the rings are maintenance-free (thus saving operational costs) is an extra addition to the full benefit.