When the highly successful cooperation started roughly 3 years ago, Wagenborg Offshore contacted Pronomar to supply their established and state-of-the-art drying systems for several of their accommodation vessels on the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan. Since then Pronova-CT changed to Pronomar but that is the only change. Their excellent cooperation with Wagenborg Offshore is still as it was before. Therefore Pronomar are happy and proud to have got a new order from Wagenborg Offshore. The new offshore accommodation vessel will cater for 440 people on board with a possible extension to 600. Delivery is scheduled for the end of October, which makes it quite a time-intensive project, as the previous ones have been.

Same as on the Rossini, equipped in 2010, Pronomar were asked to provide drying systems for up to 200 pairs of boots/shoes as well as for 56 sets of work clothing, i.e. survival suits, jackets, trousers etc. After the installation the crew on-board this new built will benefit from constantly dry and perfectly maintained work wear. Apart from the fact that the boots and clothes automatically have a longer lifetime it also goes without saying that comfort also plays a vital role as it makes a big difference if you work in wet or damp gear or if you have constantly dry and properly looked after work wear. This means happier and healthier staff and as a consequence less sick leaves.

Last but not least the drying systems come with an included automatic control unit which means that drying times are set automatically without any additional manpower which in consequence means that everybody can go about their daily tasks without having to worry about switching on or off of the drying systems.

Pronomar are happy to see the cooperation with Wagenborg Offshore continue and trust that also on this new vessel the drying systems will bring the desired and reliable results on a daily basis, no matter how rough the Caspian Sea might get.