Niestern Sander, a leading Dutch shipbuilding company, recently ordered one of the Pronomar drying systems, to be installed on board the Kroonborg, a maintenance support vessel build by order of Wagenborg Shipping.

In total the multipurpose drying system, made from solid stainless steel and thus built to last, will take care of the proper drying of 16 survival suits, jackets/trousers or overalls as well as 15 pairs of boots/shoes or gloves. The systems dry efficiently and gently from the inside out by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful, yet energy-efficient, blower. The formfitting hangers are rounded off to prevent damage, which together with the proper drying prolongs the lifetime of the costly work wear.

From a health point of view the dryers stand for a decrease in sick leaves (you are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp work wear), which increases motivation and productivity. To sum up you can say that Pronomar’s suit dryers help create an even better work environment.

Pronomar learned that the drying systems are gratefully being used of by the working crew on board the Kroonborg! Please take a look at the pictures below for an impression of the final result of the installed suit dryers:


Pronomar is happy about this project and looks forward to the next.