Wet and cold workwear always forms a discomfort on fishing vessels, but thanks to Pronomar’s PPE dryers this is now a thing of the past!

The Life Fish Carrier M/V Inter Caledonia from Intership AS was equipped with a compact shoe dryer for 5 pairs. This multi-use footwear dryer provides a big volume of warm air to stainless steel hangers for an inside-out drying of boots, shoes, gloves, helmets, fishing bibs and even life vests.

Pronomar is pleased with the joint project with Beşiktaş Shipyard, one of the best established ship building and ship repair yards of Turkey, and would like to thank the Beşiktaş team for their professional handling and support on-site.

Do also you want to implement the benefits of warm and dry PPE on one of your vessels? Please contact us for more information.