The Norwegian Coast Guard has ordered the drying systems for the 3 vessels built at Myklebust / Kleven maritime in Norway.
B48: K / V Barentshav
B49: K / V Bergen
B52: K / V Sortland

The ships are 93m long and have accommodation for 40 persons.
It is a combined MGO and LNG fuel system, which indicates that the environment has been taken into consideration when these ships was planned and designed.
The owner is Remøy Management AS in Fosnavåg.

The ships will bee patrolling the Norwegian coast from Bergen in south, too the Russian border in north.

The ships are loaded with equipment such as Fire Fighting, Oil Recovery, Tugging and Ice class.

The 3 vessels will be build in 2009, the Norwegian Navy and Coast Guard has already equipped 14 of their vessels with drying systems for survival suits, diving suits, splash suits, work overalls, various jackets & trousers, gloves and boots

This drying system will be installed on board and will support the crew with comfortable warm & dry clothes.