We were happy to receive an order from EOS France to supply our state-of-the-art drying systems to be installed on board CGG Veritas vessel “Oceanic Challenger” – a research/survey vessel, formerly known as Geo Challenger and travelling under French flag.

EOS France gave the order to supply one of our multipurpose drying systems for survival suits, work overalls, jackets, trousers, shoes, boots as well as gloves. Our highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems are manufactured completely from seawater resistant steel for on board applications. The systems are all built in a formfitting way with rounded off hangers to prevent any damage to the costly outfits. Drying is done efficiently from the inside by means of a big amount of warm air, coming from a powerful blower that guides the air directly into the garments to be dried via nozzles in the hangers. As the systems come equipped, as a standard, with a timer the crew on board can rely on properly dried work wear on a daily basis without having to think of switching the systems on or off which further relieves their already strenuous schedule. After a hard day’s work all they have to do is put their outfits over the hangers and then they can relax and lean back in the safe knowledge that the work wear will be dry and ready for use the next day.
Apart from the comfort and increased well-being and motivation of the crew, the drying systems also help to reduce purchasing costs as they increase the costly work wear’s lifetime by about 2-3 times.