– Fouling and scaling reduce heat transfer in heat exchanger tubes and chemical cleaning causes corrosion in pipes. This can further lead to a loss of production as unplanned shutdowns become necessary to fix blocked or leaking equipment.
– Merus ring technology resolves cooling-water issues and provides a state-of-the-art technique to eliminate fouling and to clean fouled equipment. That, in turn, saves the time and money that would have been required to de-scale fouled equipment and, in some cases, replace it.

Merus ring technology
– All substances in nature consist of molecules of several atoms that are in constant motion with their own unique oscillations. The Merus unit measures those oscillations and responds with interfering oscillations.
– The result is that the physical properties of the substance change, making it more soluble, which carries the substance away, rather than depositing it on vessels and pipes.

Odfjell Terminals
A while ago Pronomar installed the following MERUS rings
– 3” HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO
– 6” HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO &
– 8” HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO
on the heat exchanger at Oddfjell Terminals BV, one of the largest independent tank storage terminals in Europe, based in Rotterdam, which is also known as the gateway to Europe.
Oddfjell Terminals is a leading company and an absolute global player in terms of transportation and storage of liquid chemicals, edible oils and other special products. With their own parcel tankers as well as a network of tank terminals Oddfjell are continuing to develop their position as a leading provider of logistics services to their customers all over the world.

The rings performance will be closely monitored by the people in charge at Oddfjell. The reason for the installation of the MERUS rings is to reduce heavy fouling, scaling & corrosion

Pronomar are pleased to have been considered to install the MERUS rings and trusts they will perform as expected.