Pronomar are happy about an order from Ocean Rig to supply their highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock boot dryers for the oil rig Poseidon located in the sea off Tanzania.

After installation of the boot dryer, which works totally noiseless as well as maintenance-free with a warranty of 10 years, the people at the oil rig can go after their daily strenuous work in the safe knowledge that their boots are taken care of. But not only the boots benefit from being dried properly on a daily basis with a longer lifetime, also the workers benefit. Properly dried footwear increases the comfort and thus the motivation of the workers. From a health point of view the dryers stand for a decrease in sick leaves, as you are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp boots. With the Pronomar-Top Trock boot dryers this is a thing of the past.

Last but not least, since the boot dryers are made from solid, high-quality stainless steel there is no risk of damage to them, no matter how rocky it might get out at the rig. That the stainless steel boot dryers also look really stylish, could be considered an added bonus, or even the icing on the cake!