After a very successful cooperation in the recent past, where Pronomar supplied Arkship (Silverburn Shipping Group) with the well established and high-quality stainless steel Top Trock drying systems for several accommodation vessels, Pronomar are happy to have been contracted by Alexander Baranov again, also for a vessel cruising the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan.

All in all 320 pairs of boots will be dried in the future, thus making sure the crew on board can work in dry and properly maintained boots at all times. As a consequence not only the staff’s health will improve but also the motivational factor must not be neglected. Better health and increased motivation automatically lead to an even better working environment onboard.

With the panels being made from solid stainless steel, it is guaranteed that they’ll provide the stability on a daily basis, no matter how rough it might get out on theCaspian Sea. The icing on the cake is that the drying room will also be a visual treat, as the stainless steel drying panels are not only highly efficient but also stylish to look at.

Pronomar are proud to have again been asked to contribute to the quality and smooth operation onboard this new vessel and look forward to seeing the finished drying room, which, without a doubt, will turn out as perfect and fine as the already existing ones.