Seabourn Cruise Line runs a fleet of six ultra-luxury cruising ships, sailing to the world’s most desirable destinations at their respective peak season. Award-winning crews, hand-picked, extensively trained and numbering nearly as many as the guests, deliver the thoughtful, personalized and heartfelt hospitality Seabourn Cruise Line is known for and which leaves nothing to be desired by the passengers on-board.

In 2011 Seabourn Cruise Line completed their fleet of six ships by adding the Seabourn Quest. For this ship specifically Seabourn Cruise Line decided to provide their highly skilled and busy staff with some extra comfort which is where Pronomar B.V., based in Rotterdam (NL) and an established and competent worldwide supplier of innovative, efficient drying systems, came into play. Our products meet the high quality standard Seabourn Cruise Line is used to and requests. In total drying systems for 20 pairs of boots and 20 pairs of gloves were ordered to be installed on-board the Seabourn Quest.

The drying systems work in a fast and efficient manner, drying in a gentle yet fast way from the inside out, while still only needing very little energy. As the stainless steel hangers are rounded off there is no risk of damage to the boots and gloves. With timers automatically controlling the run-time of the systems and an added bonus of a 10 year warranty the Top Trock drying systems are your guarantee of properly dry and maintained boots or gloves and consequentially motivated, well and satisfied employees who can, after a hard day’s work, enjoy their deserved free time in the safe knowledge that when their next shift starts they can expect to work under the best conditions possible.

Pronomar are very pleased to have been appointed as supplier by Seabourn Cruise Line and trust their drying systems will keep the crew on-board happy and thus add to an ever smoother daily operation!