The luxury passenger ship, the MPS Poseidon, owned by the company Filmar B.V., based in Oss, offers everything any passenger could wish for. Offering space to accommodate up to 200 guests, it is not only available for weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations etc., it can also be hired for business meetings, social events or workshops, either moored in place in Arnhem or sailing during the event.
And if one day is not enough, no problem, as the MPS Poseidon also has the capacity to sleep a 100 people.

It goes without saying that the MPS Poseidon, apart from being beautifully and luxuriously fitted out, offers all mod cons and is, of course wheelchair accessible with a chairlift to provide access to the upper decks.

In-keeping with the luxurious interior and facilities on-board for the guests the owners have now decided to also look after their equipment to the highest standards. Therefore they approached Pronomar for their state-of-the-art and highly innovative MERUS ring solution for green-water treatment. In total the following rings were ordered for installation:
– 2 Pronomar-MERUS rings for the hydrofoor and
– 2 Pronomar-MERUS rings for the warm-water system

The purpose of the rings is easily explained: to bring back the initial water quality. The way the rings work is that by giving off tiny oscillations the lime scale is disturbed; afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the hydrofoor and warm-water pipes free from any scaling. Thus, you not only bring back the initially experienced performance level but you also prolong the lifetime of the equipment in question, which means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.

And to close the circle of luxury again, also the guests (and of course also the staff) will benefit from this eco-friendly solution as the water will feel softer and easier on their skin. So, to speak in financial terms, using the Pronomar MERUS solution is a total win-win situation.