We are happy to see wind farms gaining importance in energy production and we feel our drying systems fit perfectly into this development. It was therefore great to receive an order from OutSmart in Velp/NL, a company with focus on wind striving to strengthen the position of wind energy worldwide thus working towards a less polluted world. OutSmart ordered one of our Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems for delivery to their Operation Control Centre in Emden/Germany.

The drying systems, made from long-lasting stainless steel, for seven survival suits work using a powerful, yet energy-efficient blower which blows a lot of warm air directly into the suits, drying them efficiently and fast from the inside. Proper drying prolongs the lifetime of the costly work outfits which means less purchasing costs. From a health point of view the drying systems decrease the risk of sickness among the staff (when you can work in dry and properly maintained outfits you are less likely to get sick) which as a consequence increases motivation and productivity.

We are pleased about this project and hope to continue on this way in the future.