Pronomar is extra pleased about a new order from Damen Shipyards, headquartered in Gorinchem (NL). Damen is an international shipyard group that always aims for what their customers need and wish for. Established in 1927, Damen developed into a leader in the shipbuilding world with more than 6000 employees and a worldwide presence in 35 countries. It’s a multinational company that has still never lost its family value or its deep respect for its maritime heritage. Damen’s unique concept is based, among others, on providing best quality, proven designs as well as short delivery times which they facilitate by always keeping more than 150 hulls in stock. Due to that impressive manner Damen Shipyards has, since 1969, managed to deliver more than 5000 vessels with some 150 vessels being built each year.

Damen has been awarded a contract to build 8 PSV vessels for Worldwide Supply AS, to be delivered over the next year, with the first 2 vessels to be delivered in November of this year and the last in July 2013. For all of these 8 vessels Damen also ordered our efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems for the respective crew’s wet suits, survival suits, jackets, boots, gloves etc.

The dryers, all made from high-quality seawater resistant steel, are designed in a formfitting, rounded way which ensures the costly work wear does not suffer any damage. Further the drying is done efficiently and fast due to a big amount of warm air, coming from a powerful blower that guides the air directly into the garments to be dried via nozzles in the hangers. Advantages include that by keeping the clothing and boots dry at all times, the materials lifetime is extended considerably which means significant savings in purchasing costs. The drying systems also help to increase the health and motivation of the people on-board. It’s a fact that you are less likely to get sick if you are able to work in properly dry gear rather than having to wear wet and damp boots and clothing all day. By preventing sick leaves you also prevent costly down times and also increase the crews motivation and well-being.

Pronomar is very pleased about this cooperation and feels that their efficient drying systems are also in-keeping with Damen’s slogan “Damen simply builds better boats” as it goes without saying that on better boats you also need better drying systems.