Petrofac Training Services has over 30 years experience in delivering survival and safety training to the offshore energy industry. Petrofac has a rich heritage and history, combined with experience and full service capability, meeting the needs of customers and offering a unique level of experience to their customers. Because of this, it is only logical that they also chose to work with Pronomar’s drying systems for survival suits.

Petrofac’s Montrose-based training centre ordered a mobile drying system, completely made from stainless steel. The system will make sure 8 survival suits can be dried at the same time by using a powerful, yet energy-efficient blower. The blower will guide the constant flow of air directly into the suits. Reaching the arms, legs, back and tips, Pronomar’s drying systems provide a fast and efficient interior drying.

After just a few drying hours, the survival suits are ready to go back into the water, with a happy trainee inside. The trainees will no longer complain about the smell coming from the suits (caused by bacteria getting a chance to grow!) and also the lifespan of the costly suits will increase by 2-3 times when using the drying systems.