Pronomar are happy about their cooperation with the STOUT Group, a well-known name for over 30 years. They have supplied the highest quality products (pipes) to the shipbuilding, offshore and chemical industries – the same industries in which Pronomar is actively operating. We are very grateful about the professional and friendly relationship that we have with this company and are more than pleased that we can sometimes help each other out.

Recently, STOUT offered to promote our efficient Merus ring technology at the On- and Offshore exhibition in Gorinchem (NL) and at future exhibitions. And so we have installed one Merus ring at their watermaker and placed several brochures together with it.
The Merus ring technology is a green water treatment fighting problems with scaling, rust, bacteria and biofouling. The solution lies in the unique and highly efficient technology, which gives off tiny oscillations disturbing lime scale, bacteria, algae etc. in fresh- or seawater lines and applications, leaving them free of scaling, bringing them back to high performance levels and pro-longing their lifespan.

Pronomar are very pleased with their relationship with the STOUT Group and look forward to continuing our cooperation.