Pronomar is happy about an order from Imatech BV, a Dutch ship supplier. Imatech ordered one of Pronomar’s Top Trock boot drying systems to be installed on board the seismic vessel Polarcus Amani.

The drying panel, completely made from seawater-resistant stainless steel, in combination with a powerful yet energy-efficient warm-air blower dries boots/shoes efficiently and fast from the inside out. Advantages include prolonged lifetime of the boots/shoes or gloves, less sick leaves among the crew on board due to proper and daily drying, increased well-being and motivation as well as stress relief for the staff on board. All they need to do after a long day of work is put the shoes/boots over the rounded hangers of the panel and then they can relax and call it a day while the drying panel starts their work automatically, controlled by timers.

Pronomar trusts the drying systems will perform as expected on a daily basis.