With the start of the summer season, it is finally time to go outside and enjoy the elevated temperatures and summer breeze. Especially for motorbike fanatics, summer is one of the best times to get their bikes out. However, even though it’s hot, it’s important to gear up well and who in their right mind wants to dress head-to-toe in toasty black leather? Hot and heavy gear can provoke high levels of discomfort, as they can cause the biker to sweat a lot, which is not only a nuisance, but in extreme cases can cause dehydration too. Given the existing risks, heat stress during a motorcycle trip should be avoided at all times to ensure full concentration to the road.

To enjoy the trip to the max, the ideal thing is to use ventilated motorcycle gear, that allows a great airflow and still meets maximum safety guarantees. Drying the wet and sweaty gear in between rides is also much more than a luxury, but you should never put your motorcycle gear in the dryer. This can damage, dry out or shrink materials such as leather. The best way is to air dry your garments. Pronomar’s stainless steel racks with body-shaped hangers are connected to a powerful air blower, which dries complete sets of motorcycle gear (think of full-face helmets, jackets, chaps, leather gloves and boots, chest protectors and knee guards) from the inside out in no time, in the most delicate way.

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