Having a reputation of supplying furniture products that are synonymous to high quality, Pronomar was pleased to start a collaboration with the Dutch company Oostwoud. Their cooperation started after receiving requests from Home Shopping Centers where employees were struggling to get their freezer wear dried.

Due to the strong growth of e-commerce, online supermarket distribution centers have become indispensable. These large-scale facilities usually have the full supermarket range under their roof for the fast and efficient processing of online orders. They come with large freezers to be able to store food in a conditioned environment. Temperatures in these areas are often below -15 ºC. For employees working in these temperatures, damp clothing due to condensation or perspiration is a known problem. However, a good drying solution is not always close to hand, while the timely and internal drying of the freezer clothing, insulating gloves and balaclavas ensures the preservation of thermal properties and hygienic and comfortable working conditions.

Pronomar and Oostwoud are both glad to have contributed to a better workplace at multiple Home Shopping Centers across the Netherlands by providing supermarket chains with a wide range of professional drying lockers. The drying principle ensures a fast drying from the inside out through the body-shaped hangers, which are placed in the robust modular lockers and connected to warm-air blowers. Many additional options are possible, such as a slanted roof (for hygienic reasons), various types of locks, or an additional shelf for personal belongings.

If you think that our drying lockers can contribute to your organization as well, please contact us via our contact form, give us a call (+31 (0)78 68 19481) or send us an email (info@pronomar.com).