The latest client to put their trust in Pronomar is Germanys third-largestenergy company EnBW, who are particularly active in the fields of wind and solar energy. After already operating about 50 wind turbines onshore, EnBW are now busy with developing 4 offshore projects which are currently the most important wind energy projects in Germany. One of these projects, the Baltic 1, the first commercial wind park in all of Germany, is located in the Baltic Sea and has a capacity to feed 50.000 households a year with electricity.

EnBW not only strives to make the best use of renewable energies but they also look after their employees’ well-being; this is why they asked Pronomar to supply state-of-the-art drying systems for their staff’s survival suits. By properly maintaining and drying the expensive survival suits you increase their lifetime which in consequence saves on purchasing costs. Apart from the savings the drying systems also mean less sick leaves among the staff. If you work in dry gear all the time you are less likely to get sick which means healthier and more motivated people and thus creating an excellent environment to work in.