Pronomar are happy to have received an order from Ark Ship in Russia to provide drying systems for 210 pairs of boots on board the offshore passenger/hotel shipYuriy Andropov, travelling the Caspian Sea.

Same as on previous installations (like on the Kurmangazy, formerly known as London Night, the Verdi or Puccini) highly efficient boot dryers, all made from stainless steel, are planned to be installed. Detailed layout planning is of course part of the excellent service of Pronomar which guarantees a perfect realization from start to finish.

Apart from the fact that the boots and work wear automatically have a longer lifetime, it also goes without saying that comfort plays a vital role too as it makes a big difference if you work in wet or damp boots or if you have constantly dry and properly looked after work wear which is a big motivational factor for the crew on board. To sum up it can be said that no matter how rough weather conditions are out at sea you can always rely on Pronomar drying systems to provide stability and comfort at all times and thus creating an excellent environment to work in.

Pronomar are proud to have been part of the installation on board the first 3 of the Wagenborg series and is proud this project.