Already a few months back we started a cooperation with Fons Jansen, a company which guarantees reliable craftsmanship, clean and customer-friendly work, convenience and carefree services for already 30 years. Fons Jansen are specialists in water, gas and electricity and are available at daytime, but also in the evenings. Fons Jansen implemented our Pronomar-Merus rings into their product line. Both parties trust that their clients will benefit from this!

The Pronomar-Merus technology is an environment-friendly and efficient solution for all your problems with scaling, rust and marine growth like bacteria and barnacles. It basically consists of a ring that is installed around a water pipe. The ring then gives off tiny oscillations disturbing the troublesome substances in your fresh- or seawater pipes. Afterwards the substances are simply flushed away with the water, leaving the pipes free of scaling and bringing them back to high performance levels. The Merus ring technology prolongs the lifetime of your valuable water-related equipment.

Pronomar is very pleased about this cooperation. We are looking forward to continuing on the successful road that we are on.