Pronomar were very happy to receive an order from Bergen Group for the Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems, regarding the new vessel NB 89.

Bergen Group is operating in the maritime sector and focuses on the offshore industry and advanced specialized vessels. Bergen Group has specialized in the following four business fields: Shipbuilding, Maritime Service, Offshore and Technology.

We can only imagine that the working conditions on board of a vessel are tough, due to all kinds of weather. Wet clothes result in expensive down-time due to e.g. illness and reduced motivation and productivity. The Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems improve the working life for the people on board and also expand the life-span of their costly work gear.

Our formfitting stainless-steel drying systems are operated by a powerful warm-air blower and make sure that work- and protective boots, gloves , jackets, trousers, diving suits, survival suits, emergency suits, immersion suits oil skin, etc. are properly dried within a short period of time. The warm air travels directly into crucial zones like armpits, shoulders, finger- and shoetips and thus make that the outfits can be worn again quickly. No matter how rough it gets at sea, these drying systems provide stability and efficiency as well as reliable results.

Pronomar are very pleased this cooperation with Bergen Group and will also provide the NB 90 and NB 91 with the drying systems in the future. We look forward to continuing on this path with Bergen Group.

Does this sound interesting to you? Pronomar will be happy to assist you with any questions or requirements you might have regarding the drying of your crew’s costly work.