We are pleased to announce that Pronomar’s company profile registration for FPAL has been completed!

Company Registration Number: 52589145

Supplier Number: 10054901

FPAL, fully First Point Assessment Limited and empowered by Achilles, allows companies who are active in the global oil and gas industry to connect with potential suppliers worldwide. The community strives to a fair and transparent buying process and therefore manages the risks that come with procurement activities.

Jaap Baars, Managing Director of Pronomar B.V., says the following about the decision to join the highly recommended FPAL community:

“Being transparent and presenting reliable data are some of the key points in having a successful business. So for us it was a logical step to turn to the FPAL platform to share our products and services with their vast maritime and offshore network. The FPAL gateway offers a perfect service for both companies who want to showcase their portfolio, but also for organisations in need for trustworthy information about suppliers in this high-tech sector.”

Drying Systems
Pronomar offers a variety in drying system set-ups for on- and offshore use. The drying systems enable end-users to dry wet and cold work wear within a short amount of time.

A short summary of benefits that the drying equipment can offer to your company:
• Reduction in sick leaves
• Increase in motivation and productivity amongst employees
• Prolonged lifespan of the costly work wear
• Higher comfort level for the working crew

The MERUS technology prevents different sorts of scaling that can establish in water lines and applications.
It is the perfect solution for all your problems with lime scale, rust, biofouling etc. By issuing micro-frequencies to the water the MERUS ring ensures that bacteria and scale adhere less.

A short summary of benefits that the MERUS technology can offer to your company:
• Increase of the lifespan of the equipment and machinery
• Prolonged service intervals
• Minimalized operational costs
• Increase in the efficiency of chemicals