We @ Pronomar are pleased about a new cooperation with our partner Aquador, a supplier of solutions for bacteriological problems in drinking water systems who in the recent past launched their Markstreamer System, an automatic flushing system to fight and prevent legionella in the water.

Our efficient and environment-friendly Pronomar-MERUS solution for green water treatment and Aquador’s Markstreamer are a super effective solution with respect to water treatment and both our products make sure the water is of the highest quality. Both the MERUS rings and the Markstreamer System are equally environment-friendly which is very important if we want to counteract the negligent worldwide treatment of our environment.

Our latest project took us to Warnsveld, to the local police academy, the centre of recruitment & selection, training and knowledge & research for the Dutch police. It is a recognized college for professional education putting the students in the centre and supporting theory by practice, thus ensuring that the Dutch police forces have access to the very best people available.

The following rings were installed at the Police academy in Warnsveld:
One 2 ” HCI BIO ring at the main water supply,
One 1 ½ “ IND at the warm water system and, last but not least,
One 1 ½ ” IND at the circulation line of the markstreamer by Aquador

Same as the Aquador Markstreamer System fights and prevents legionella, our Pronomar-Merus rings fight and counteract heavy scaling, which in the long run can slow down or, in the worst case, seriously damage the costly equipment. The rings work in a simple yet highly efficient way: after installation the rings give off micro-fine oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away, leaving the respective pipes free of any harmful build-up which in consequence brings back the initial performance level and also considerably increases the pipes (equipment) lifetime. On top of that the rings are easily installed and require no maintenance at all which signifies quite a saving in time and operational costs.

We are thrilled about our new cooperation with Aquador and the installation at the Police in Warnsveld and trust that the staff as well as technical equipment, same as at the Police Academy in Ossendrecht (a project carried out in 2012), will benefit from our environment-friendly and innovative solutions.

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