New to join the ranks of satisfied clients is the crew on board the offshore seismic research vessel NB 82 for the Norwegian Ship-owner Volstad Shipping AS, the modern and international shipyard located at Rissa, close to Trondheim. They ordered multipurpose drying systems, all made from high-quality seawater resistant steel, to dry their crew’s complete work wear, from survival suits jackets and trousers to headgear, boots and gloves.

The drying systems are built for long-term use and are made from solid stainless steel so no matter how rough it might get out at sea the drying systems provide stability and efficient and reliable drying results. The crew on board the NB 82 can now enjoy working in constantly dry work wear which not only improves their motivation but also leads to less sick leaves due to wet and damp clothes. It goes without saying that healthy and fit staff are more motivated which automatically makes for an excellent work environment.

From an economic point of view it has to be said that properly maintained work wear has a longer lifetime which in consequence brings down the purchasing costs of new clothes; further it was found that the drying systems can be financed just by saving one day of sick leave per employee.