Pronomar are happy to provide Mr. Gert Vanderheyden, an esteemed business partner from Wagenborg Shipping, who worked with them on several fantastic projects in the recent past, involving both their drying systems as well as their MERUS rings, with one such ring for Mr. Vanderheydens private vessel, the MS Adrina.

Mr. Vanderheyden decided that also for his MS Adrina, the best was only good enough and he decided to install a MERUS ring at the hydrofoor of this pretty and unique looking vessel.

The purpose of that MERUS solution is to counteract and fight heavy scaling which leads to a decrease in efficiency and drop in performance levels. The rings, once installed, give off microfine oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment free from any scaling. By installing the MERUS rings you not only prolong the hydrofoor’s lifetime; you also bring back the initial performance levels. On top of all that there is considerably less or even no maintenance required which means a significant decrease in operational costs as well as time saving.
Last but not least Mr. Vanderheyden and his family and friends on board will also benefit from softer water.

Pronomar are happy about Mr. Vanderheydens decision and trusts that the MS Adrina will from now on cruise scale-free.