Pronomar are proud to have received a new order from Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., a leading global services provider operating in the dredging and earthmoving, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors, headquartered in Papendrecht, Holland, and running a fleet of over a 1000 ships employing 14.000 people worldwide.

Among their many ships is also the Backhoe dredger “Manu-Pekka”. For that impressive dredger, that can work up to 15 miles offshore and is equipped with state-of-the art equipment, Boskalis also needed state-of-the-art technology in terms of green water treatment.

We were happy to travel to Belfast in the first week of June to install the following rings on the Manu-Pekka:

one 3/4″ IND BIO ring at the hydrofoor
one 3/4″ IND BIO at the warm water system,
one 2 1/2″ HCI BIO at the fire fighting system and, last but not least,
one 2 1/2″ HCI BIO ring at the cooling loop

The Merus rings are a totally eco-friendly solution for green water treatment and to counteract and prevent heavy scaling, which can slow down efficiency and performance and, in the worst case, seriously harm the costly equipment on-board. How the rings work is as easily explained as they are installed: after the installation they give of micro-fine oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances (lime scale, barnacles, algae etc.) are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question free from scaling. By keeping the equipment free from scaling you not only increase its lifetime but you also bring back the initially achieved performance levels. Last but not least the rings do not require any maintenance, which could be considered the icing on the cake!

We are happy about yet another cooperation with Boskalis and hope to be considered again in the future.