Pronomar are particularly proud to have received a very nice follow up order from EnBW, Germany’s third-largest energy company, who are focussing big time on the fields of wind and solar energy. They have now also signed a deal for a support and components assembly base in the deepwater port of Mukran, which was chosen because of it’s closeness to the 2 wind farms in the Baltic Sea and which will therefore be the ideal offshore support base.

After already ordering the state-of-the-art drying systems for their staff’s work wear emergency suits, frc suits, survival suits, immersion suits on the first of their commercial wind parks in the Baltic Sea at the beginning of this year, with the desired results of well-maintained and constantly dry work wear, EnBW has now decided to also provide their staff at their service station near Stralsund / Germany with the efficient drying systems for a total of 24 survival suits.

It gives Pronomar great pleasure to see that EnBW not only strives to make the best use of renewable energies but that they also look after their employees’ well-being. By properly maintaining and keeping the expensive work wear perfectly dry at all times, the staffs motivation and well-being are significantly increased which creates an even better environment to work in. On top of all the health and hygienic advantages the Top Trock  drying systems also lead to a decrease in purchasing costs (if you look after your equipment it will automatically have a longer lifetime, in the case of the state-of-the-art drying systems you can think of a 3-4 times longer lifetime).

Pronomar is happy to have been considered by EnBW again and trusts that the drying systems at the service station Stralsund will provide the desired stability and reliability all year round, no matter how rocky and rough weather conditions might get out at sea.