Pronomar are very pleased to have received an order from SEMCO Maritime. Headquartered in Esbjerg/Denmark but operating worldwide, they have, over the last 30 years, built up their expertise in terms of engineering, procurement and construction contracting. Today they focus mainly on the renewable energy industry, particularly the offshore wind sector.

SEMCO have now placed an order with Pronomar for a platform (from Hess). The boot drying panel, all made from high-quality stainless steel (which, as a bonus, means that it is very stylish-looking) will now make sure the staff’s boots will be perfectly dried and maintained on a daily basis.

This not only improves the people’s health and motivation which in turn leads to an excellent work environment but the drying system also helps to save money in terms of purchasing costs for boots. If the boots are always kept in dry and well looked after condition their lifetime will be prolonged considerably.

Pronomar are very pleased this cooperation with SEMCO and look forward to maybe continuing on this path in the future.