Pronomar are very pleased to see their excellent cooperation with Alexander Baranov from Arkship/Silverburn Shipping continue.

Mr. Baranov placed yet another order, this time in the name of their Kazakhstan company Caspiy Ak Jhelken, again for drying systems for a total of 320 pairs of boots, with Pronomar. This time with a slight challenge due to a very tight deadline, which Pronomar had no problem keeping, in good cooperation with the manufacturer of the drying system, Top Trock.

Within the record time of 1 week 16 stainless steel drying panels for 20 pairs of boots each, were produced, packed up and despatched.

Once they reach their final destination, another accommodation vessel soon to be cruising the Caspian Sea, they will make sure the crew on-board can work in dry and well maintained boots on a daily basis. This not only improves their health and motivation which leads to an excellent work environment but the drying systems also help save money in terms of purchasing costs for boots. If the boots are always kept in dry and well looked after condition their lifetime will be prolonged considerably.

Pronomar are very pleased about their on-going cooperation with Arkship and trust the drying room will turn out as beautiful as the previous ones did and that, of course, the drying systems will provide the same efficiency and stability out at the Caspian Sea.