Pronomar are happy to see that their long-time business partner, the company TOP TROCK, who is the manufacturer of the highly efficient drying systems Pronomar supplies to their customers around the world, has now reversed the roles and asked Pronomar to supply them in turn with their innovative and environment-friendly MERUS solution.

TOP TROCK not only manufacturers drying systems but also a state-of-the-art cleaning, disinfecting and drying system for chemical protection suits, the SWT 3.0 system. Top Trock have now received a new order for one of those SWT 3.0 systems, to maintain fire-fighter’s chemical protection suits.

The SWT 3.0 will be equipped with a ½” IND industrial ring, installed around the water feed lines to the SWT and the desired and anticipated results should include
– less or no scaling in the pipes
– even higher cleaning efficiency of the detergents
– protection of the pipe systems in the SWT system
– more foam inside the chemical suits
which will mean an even further improvement of the already state-of-the-art performance of the SWT 3.0.

The way the rings work is that, once they are installed around the pipes or equipment in question, they give off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed out leaving the pipes clean and free from build-up which ultimately brings back the initial performance of the pipes as well as the water quality.

As there is hardly any maintenance involved with the SWT cleaning system anyway and no maintenance whatsoever with the MERUS ring, the two products suit each other perfectly and their combination means not only savings in manpower but also in operational and purchase costs. With the MERUS ring counteracting scaling the water will be softer and less detergents and disinfectants will be needed.

Pronomar are happy to see their on-going successful cooperation with Top Trock continue, this time even the other way around!