Hygiene is a leading factor in today’s food industry. Random checks are carried out to minimize contamination risks during food production processes. Strict requirements are also imposed on work clothes. It is important to work in hygienical and clean clothing to ensure a hygienic production facility and to reduce the risk of contamination.

Another important trend in the food industry is the increasing investment in the health and well-being of employees. It is an industry where a lot of work is performed in cold or humid spaces. Employers in the Dutch freezer industry often make arrangements for their employees by offering a cold allowance, or alternate their work in cold places with working in warmer places. Working in varying temperatures can lead to moist clothes due to condensation and perspiration. It is therefore important to dry the clothing during breaks in order to offer employees a comfortable and hygienic workplace.

The Dutch company Pronomar has been providing drying solutions for workwear in this industry for quite some time. A large amount of heated air is circulated through stainless steel body-shaped hangers and blown directly into the clothing. This internal drying process ensures that clothing such as (freezer) trousers, jackets, splash suits, coveralls, boots and gloves are dried within a short amount of time and removes the moist environment that bacteria like to live in. This optimizes the health and comfort of the employees, minimizes the chance of contamination and extends the lifespan of the work clothes.

Various companies within the food industry have already implemented Pronomar’s drying systems. For example, multiple national and international organizations such as SPAR, Westmalle, Mora and Parlevliet & Van der Plas use the dryers to keep their employees in distribution centers and cold- or freezer stores comfortable and healthy. Fish and meat processors also make use of the dryers for their splash suits and boots after the daily cleaning activities.

With its energy-efficient dryers, Pronomar hopes to improve working conditions in the food industry and to make it easier for companies to dry their costly gear in a fast and hygienic way.