We are happy about a project with Aquaver, a company dedicated to the production of clean water from any water source. As our innovative, environment-friendly Pronomar – Merus ring is the perfect solution to counteract heavy scaling in water pipes, it seemed like a logic step that Aquaver approached us. We agreed on a test run of our rings at their test site De Zeeschelp and so

– one ¾” IND was installed at the RO Installation.

The Pronomar – Merus rings are an eco-friendly solution to counteract and prevent scaling. The way they work is that, after installation, they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the scaling.
The service interval of the RO Installation will be extended and the membranes will have to be exchanged less frequently.

Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the applications free from harmful build-up and bringing back the initial diameter which means that they can perform to their full potential again plus their lifetime is considerably increased. The fact that the rings are completely maintenance free is another advantage not to be neglected.

We are happy about this project and hope to see it develop into a cooperation in the future.