Pronomar, in cooperation with De Jong Installation Management, recently installed Merus rings for the main water supply and the boiler on board the comfort parc ship , part of the ComfortParc in Wessem, which is part of Euroresorts. This ComfortParc provides luxurious yachts where clients can get away from the daily hustle and bustle and relax within a most modern environment which leaves nothing to be desired as the services provided stretch from restaurants to wellness facilities etc.

At the main water supply a Merus 2” IND BIO ring was installed and on the boiler they fitted a 1 ¼” IND BIO ring with the purpose of bringing back the water to its initial quality. The way it works is very straight-forward: the rings installed at the equipment in question give off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the substances are simply flushed away leaving the pipes and boilers free from scaling and thus bringing back the performance levels as initially experiences. Further the lifetime of the pipes, resp. boilers in questions, is prolonged considerably.