Rijfers River Cruises, based in Arnhem and running a fleet of luxurious cruising vessels, welcome the addition of their latest brand-new vessel, the Regina Rheni. As all the other vessels, also this brand new one offers all mod cons and leaves nothing any guest on board could desire. Their 77 cabins (catering for a total of 154 people) offer modern and stylish features with the focus on passenger comfort. Of course not only the cabins provide comfort and style, but also the Regina Rheni’s general facilities, such as a restaurant with panoramic views, a cosy lounge and bar, a library, board shops, internet facilities as well as a spacious sun deck where you can relax and unwind from your stressful daily grind.

But Rijfers River Cruises not only look after their guests comfort and well-being, they also make sure their vessel is always up to the best standard and thus equipped with only the best of the best. For that purpose their owner, Mr. Johan Rijfers approached Pronomar for their innovative and environment-friendly MERUS solution.

This solution basically consists of rings which are simply installed around water pipes, hydrofoors, boilers etc. The rings then give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale, bacteria and/or maritime growth (barnacles…). Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the respective equipment free from any harmful build-up. With the MERUS rings you not only bring back the initially experienced performance level but you also prolong the lifetime of the equipment in question, which means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.

Johan Rijfers decided on the following rings to be installed on board the Regina Rheni:
one 2” IND ring at the water pipes for the Jacuzzi,
one 1 ¼” IND ring at the waterfeed pipe to the kitchen,
one 1 ½” HCI IND BIO ring at the hydrofoor and the boiler

and those for the Rex Rheni
one 1 ½ “ HCI BIO ring at the hydrofoor,
one ¾” IND ring at the main boiler and
two ½” IND at the main cold and warm water pipes to the kitchen

Pronomar are happy to have been asked to provide this efficient and environment-friendly method of Green water treatment and trusts the Rex Rheni and Regina Rheni will benefit from it.