In February this year Pronomar received an order from Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, a Dutch company that provides services in maritime sectors on international basis. Pronomar are happy about their cooperation with Boskalis.

Boskalis was founded in 1910 and has its headquarters in Papendrecht (the Netherlands). Boskalis decided to place an order for the Merus-rings for their trailing suction hopper dredger, the ‘Prins der Nederlanden’ (translation: Prince of the Netherlands). The Merus rings are a highly innovative, environment-friendly solution for green water treatment. The fact that Boskalis placed this order shows that they care about the state of their technical, water-related equipment. For that reason they ordered the Merus rings, which counteract scaling.

The following rings were installed:
– 1 x 2” HCI BIO ring (for the hydrofor)
– 1 x 1½” HCI BIO ring (for warm water)
– 1 x 1½” HCI ring (for the hydrofor – technical water)
– 1 x 4” HCI ring (for Alfa Laval fresh water generator)

Once the Merus rings are installed, they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away. By keeping the equipment free from scaling the initial performance level of the equipment will be brought back, plus you prolong the lifetime of the equipment, which in return means a significant decrease in costs.