After already equipping several accommodation vessels, all named after famous composers, Pronomar are proud to have once again been asked by Wagenborg Offshore to provide the highly-efficient TopTrock drying systems, to be installed on board the Rossini, built at De Hoop Lobith, a shipyard located near Netherlands forth largest city, Arnhem. With 2 slipways, an overall crane capacity of 30 tons each and highly skilled design engineering and production staff this shipyard stands for quality and met targets. The same goes for Pronomar. As the Rossini is set to sail middle of june 2010 it is of highest importance that also the drying systems will be installed in a timely manner which makes Pronomar the perfect partner to Wagenborg and De Hoop Lobith for these float hotels, also named floattels .

This time drying systems for a total of 200 pairs of boots as well as 56 work suits will be installed on board the Rossini with their crew being the beneficiaries of constantly dry and perfectly maintained work wear. Apart from the fact that the boots and clothes automatically have a longer lifetime it also goes without saying that comfort also plays a vital role as it makes a big difference if you work in wet or damp gear or if you have constantly dry and properly looked after work wear. This means happier and healthier staff and that in turn leads to a significant decrease in sick leaves. Last but not least the drying systems come with an included automatic control unit which means that drying times are set automatically without any additional manpower which in consequence means that everybody can go about their daily tasks without having to worry about switching on or off of the drying systems.

Pronomar are proud to have yet again been appointed by Wagenborg Offshore and trust that also on board the Rossini the drying systems will provide the desired reliable and efficient results on a daily basis, each and every day, no matter how rough it might get on the Caspian Sea. We also thank Mr. Hans Hoek and Mr. Peer Strijbosch from Wagenborg for their assistance in all projects phases and the perfect installation.