After the successful installation of highly efficient drying systems, all made from seawater resistant steel, for a total crew of 47 on-board the subsea fishing vessel SCH81 “Carolien”, one of the many fishing vessels of the company Cornelis Vrolijk Visserij Maatschaappij (a daughter of Cornelis Vrolijk Holding) and the recent equipping of the evaporator and hydrofoor on-board with the innovative Pronomar-MERUS rings to counter-act scaling, the Carolien has been in the shipyard for the last 9 months and has now returned home to Ijmuiden ready to go out at sea again for fishing.

Pronomar is happy to have played a part in the equipping of the SCH81 “Carolien” with their state-of-the art products:
first of all with the Top Trock drying systems taking care of the health and well-being of the crew on-board by keeping their expensive work wear (boots, gloves, oil skins, jackets etc.) dry at all times. Apart from the fact that the crew’s health is increased and in consequence sick leaves are decreased it also adds to the general well-being and motivation of people if they can dry in constantly dry and perfectly maintained gear at all times.

The second innovative product that Pronomar introduced on-onboard the SCH81 “Carolien” is the environment-friendly MERUS technology for green-water treatment, which basically works with rings, which after being installed (around the hydrofoor and the Alfa Laval evaporator) give off tiny oscillations fighting the lime scale and other troublemakers (marine growth, bacteria etc.). Afterwards these substances are flushed away leaving the evaporator and hydrofoor in question free from any scaling. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which in turn means a significant decrease in operational costs.
The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the fact that with the MERUS rings you also save time and operational costs, as there is no maintenance at all involved after the initial installation.

Pronomar are proud to have been able to provide an all-round package of products which mean that both the crew as well as the expensive equipment on-board can work at the highest-possible standard.