The winter sports season has started again and that means – cold and wet ski equipment. Whether this happens during skiing or snowboarding due to heavy snow showers or excessive perspiration, all ski equipment gets wet or damp. For clothing that is worn more than once during the day or that cannot be put in the washer and dryer daily, it can be useful to dry the clothing thoroughly in between. This ensures that the entire equipment is dry and warm again after the break or at the start of the next day.

With Pronomar’s professional drying systems, the ski gear gets a careful and quick-drying treatment. Using a large amount of warm air blown through a stainless steel framework, problem areas in jackets, trousers, gloves, shoes and helmets are reached. With this careful drying, the clothes retain their protective quality, the environment for bacteria is removed and the strong and unpleasant odor decreases. It is also no longer necessary to heat a room 24 hours a day. This in contrast to traditional drying rooms. The drying systems ensure that the warm air is led directly to the inside of the clothing within a few hours. This limits the costs of the drying process.

Pronomar not only ensures that the ski gear is dried, it also offers solutions for storing gear. Think of carriers for ski’s, snowboards, cross-country ski poles, helmets, etc. Pronomar can offer a total solution for any space, large or small.

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