In 2012 we already reported that Pronomar would deliver drying systems to Bergen Group for their Grand Canyon I vessel. At the time Bergen Group was working on a project for Volstad Maritime and was hired to deliver three offshore construction vessels. Bergen Group has delivered the first ship, the Grand Canyon I, to Volstad Maritime but the construction of the other two vessels has been sold to Kleven Myklebust. Kleven Myklebust is a shipbuilding company in Norway. Pronomar is proud to announce that Kleven Myklebust has also chosen Pronomar’s drying systems for their Grand Canyon II and Grand Canyon III subsea construction vessels. In 2012 Bergen Group choose drying systems for 20 survival suits and 20 pairs of boots and gloves. Kleven Myklebust placed the exact same order for the sister vessels (new building numbers 376 and 377).

Pronomar also received a third order from Kleven Myklebust, for their new building NB369, the “Polar Empress”. For this vessel Myklebust Kleven ordered drying systems on two decks: 01-deck and A-deck. On one deck 2 electrically heated panels for 5 and 15 pairs of boots or gloves will be installed, on the other deck one separate drying panel for 15 pairs. The vessel will be delivered in January 2015.

All drying systems are entirely made out of seawater resistant steel and are therefore very suitable for offshore purposes. The drying systems dry clothes such as survival suits and shoes within hours and prevent staff working in cold and wet work gear. Warm and dry clothing contributes to staff motivation, prevents diseases and increases productivity. Furthermore the drying of the boots and gloves enhance the lifecycle of the gear.