During exercise, our clothes often become damp or wet due to intensive use. For clothes that are worn more often in the day or cannot be put in the washing and drying machine (daily), this can result in dirty or smelly clothes. In such cases, it can be useful to dry the garments in between sports, so that they are fresh and dry again at your next sports session and, keep yourself healthy and motivated!

Every sport has its own set of clothes and attributes. Winter sports enthusiasts, such as skiers and snowboarders ,often wear thick clothing with insulating linings, which get wet and cold mainly due to external weather conditions such as snow.  Cyclists or mountain bikers will experience their thin suits, saddle pads and helmets wet after a trip due to excessive perspiration. As well as soccer, hiking or golf shoes, boxing gloves, horse saddles and pads, which can be very sweaty after a training session.

With Pronomar’s professional drying systems, the sportswear will get a careful and fast drying treatment. Within minutes to hours (depending on the material and degree of humidity) the garments are dried from the inside out by a large amount of warm air. Due to the shaped hangers that are adjusted to the type of clothing, difficult areas such as the armpits, fingertips or toes are also reached. In addition to reducing the strong and unpleasant odors, it eliminates the habitat of bacteria and prolongs the life of the garments

The drying systems can be installed in changing rooms or integrated in drying cabinets and lockers. In addition to an optimal drying, this also creates a neat and organized space. The rooms can also be supplemented with various storage systems or racks, for example for skis, snowboards and/or bicycles.

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