EnBW has yet again decided to order Pronomar’s suit dryers. EnBW, Germany’s third largest energy company, already ordered Pronomar’s drying systems in 2010 and 2013 for the Baltic 1 and 2, which are offshore windmill parks in the Baltic Sea. EnBW is a large player in the field of solar and wind energy and is very concerned with the environment, and also with its employees well-being.

Therefore EnBW has decided to order more drying equipment from Pronomar. This time for their service centre in Rostock. EnBW has ordered a wall mounted survival and rescue suit dryer, with additional floor-support, which holds 4 x 7 survival suits. The systems use a warm air blower and are entirely made from stainless steel 304 or 316 (seawater resistant), which allows them to be used for on- and offshore purposes.

The drying systems Pronomar delivers are used to properly maintain and dry the survival and rescue suits which are used in the maritime sector. The warm-air blower conducts the warm air trough continuous stainless steel tubes and emerges via nozzles into the clothing. By drying the suits the gears’ lifespan will be extended and employees will no longer have to work in wet, cold clothes. Drying the employees’ work clothes will improve the staffs motivation and will decrease sick leaves.

Pronomar’s drying systems can be seen as an investment in both your employees as their clothing!