(Construction) Service Operation Vessels ((C)SOV) are increasingly used in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Previously, these were small ships or helicopters that carried the equipment and technicians. In addition to being a means of transport for staff, a (C)SOV also functions as a workplace, warehouse and temporary accommodation for the workers.

The increase in the number of wind farms also means more work and maintenance. Workers have been busy for a long time and overnight stays have become necessary. This, in combination with the long distances and harsh (weather) conditions at sea, has increased the demand for (C)SOVs. The ships are safe, fast and can stay at sea for longer periods.

Because (C)SOVs also provide space for technicians, comfort is an important aspect. There are good facilities for primary and secondary needs on board, such as meals, sports facilities, etc. It is also important that the workers are well rested when they start their shift. Pronomar can contribute to this by providing the ship with robust, seawater-resistant drying systems that dry offshore workwear in a short time. All PPE such as jackets, overalls, helmets, boots and gloves are dried from the inside out by means of a warm air flow. In addition to extending the life of valuable workwear, it also improves hygiene, reduces unpleasant odors and increases the motivation and productivity of the technicians on board.

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