Pronomar is very pleased about a new order from the Dutch established company Heerema Marine Contractors. Heerema placed an order for Pronomar’s reliable drying systems on behalf of their new vessel; the THIALF, a deepwater construction vessel. The THIALF is also known as world’s biggest crane vessel, with a length of 201 meters and a width of 88.4 meters.

The THIALF is equipped with the following two applications:
• Multipurpose drying systems for work overalls
• Electrically heated drying panels for boots, shoes or gloves

The wall-mounted seawater resistant drying systems are responsible for the drying of 16 sets of work overalls, survival suits, jackets/trousers etc. The drying system dries wet workwear with the help of an energy- efficient warm-air blower, which blows warm air via nozzles directly into the clothes.

In addition to the drying systems, Heerema also ordered wall-mounted electrically heated drying panels for the drying of 40 pairs of boots and gloves. The panels dry the boots and gloves efficiently within a short amount of time.

Drying Systems – The Solution for Professionals!
The drying systems guarantee multiple advantages for you and your crew, including gentle handling of the clothing, which increases the lifespan of the costly work gear. On a working level dry clothing increases the motivation of the staff on-board and ensures stress reduction, resulting in less sick leaves.