Emergency services – one of the most important parties in our society, ready to help people and animals 24/7 in case of emergency. The type of emergency can be very diverse. Nevertheless, in every emergency situation it is important that emergency workers wear the right equipment so that they can protect themselves against certain risks during their work. Whether this is because they work (outdoors) in the dark, work with hazardous (chemical) substances or objects, or work in certain temperatures. Each type of risk has its own type of equipment.

The drying process is of great importance to guarantee the protective properties, the quality and the lifespan of the equipment. Pronomar’s drying systems offer a professional solution for the effective drying of equipment after a long work shift. After all, rescuers have to deal with all kinds of outside temperatures, which can make the equipment wet or damp. The drying systems are not only suitable for drying suits, jackets and/or trousers. Boots, gloves, helmets or masks can also be dried.

In addition to drying various types of equipment, Pronomar also offers accessories such as benches, drip racks, storage systems and boot cleaners. In this way, the entire drying room is provided with the right supplies. Curious about how we can set up your drying room? Feel free to contact us on +31 (0)78 6819481 or email info@pronomar.com.